Monday, January 4, 2010

Finally! Organized Tools!

You know how they say you can't organize another person, or their stuff? Yeah, well, it's still hard sometimes to live around someone elses stuff that really needs to be dealt with and not say anything.

But I am writing today to say that my husband has finally organized his tools!

Over a year ago, two Thanksgivings ago, he bought himself a really nice Craftsman tool cabinet with all the fancy drawers. However, he never got around to actually putting his tools in it! Instead, they remained in the large outgrown tool boxes that he had prior. And, they all sat in the area between my door to the garage and my washer and dryer. So I had to see it and navigate it almost daily. Plus, if I needed a tool, it was a hassle trying to sort through the boxes trying to find what I needed.

Over the recent holiday break he took a couple hours (yup, that's all it took) to transfer his tools into his fancy new tool cabinet. It looks great! And it freed up a lot of space on the garage floor for us to walk through. AND, it's going to be a breeze now finding the tools we need for whatever project is at hand.

He's been suffering my nagging for over a year about this and with a short amount of time it's now over and done. I'm betting he wishes he would have done it earlier and avoided the accumulated hours of me pestering him about this!

Anyway.... thanks honey for finally organizing your tools!!!!

Now, onward with the rest of our garage organization project... and more things for me to put on my honey do list!