Thursday, February 11, 2010

Decluttering My Hard Drive

OK, so, my computer has been running really slow lately and you can hear it working and working and working to do very little.

Last night, my husband decided to take a peek at the space on the hard drive. (Right click on the start button, click on explore, right click on the C: drive, click on properties.)

Yikes! The entire pie chart was blue. That means, my hard drive was about completely full. Wow! I had no idea. (I don't claim to be a computer guru.)

So now I'm in the process of decluttering my hard drive. After cleaning up the disk there is a little more room. (Yay, a little slice of pink on the pie chart.) But I need to go through my files and delete a lot more "stuff" that I have no need for.

Decluttering our lives goes way beyond our homes. It includes our daily schedules, and our computers!

That's what I'll be working on for the day! Do you need to declutter YOUR computer? Your emails?

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