Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Reorganized My (sort of) Pantry

I would love to have a pantry, but I simply don't have one. I am expecting to have some storage space built in my garage someday down the road, but not yet. It's a work in progress. So, in the meantime, I have been stashing my very small stockpile of extra food in my linen closet. I didn't think I had much and tucked it away in the dark corner of a shelf next to my towels. Lately, I've been getting some good deals on things and have been putting them in my linen closet until it got to the point that I really couldn't get to the linens! There was a row of spaghetti sauce in front of my towels.

I decided to reorganize my closet and see just what I had. I was shocked to see just how much stuff I had collected. I decided it was time to put all the food on its very own shelf so it's easier to see what I have and to access it. And my towels and sheets can be retrieved as well without any issues.

Here is a picture of my end result. Almost one shelf of food. But now I can quite easily see what I have. Much better! Though I'm still looking forward to that storage space in my garage.

I also have quite a few toiletries and healthcare items that I have stashed in my linen closet as well. They only take up about half of a shelf. Thank goodness for these deep shelves!

I always feel better when things are in order!

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